Most Popular Cruise Destinations

Taking a cruise is one of the most widely used types of vacation getaways there’s. There are, however, some decisions to make, like where will you go in your cruise. After all, there are lots of destinations, therefore it can be hard to make a final decision.

North, South, East or West, there is also a cruise to far flung and exotic destinations. Withe a lot of the world’s surface made up of water, it’s a large place to explore.If you like to follow along with the popular vacation trends, it could help to know what the most popular cruise destinations are. This is a list of our top 10 cruise destinations for 2013 that provide both relaxing and exciting adventures for each traveler.

The Caribbean

For years Caribbean cruises happen to be the most popular. People love to get away to beach destinations, and also the Caribbean is simply loaded with beautiful beaches. There’s also lots of fun sights to determine on the Caribbean Islands. If you want historical sights, gambling, or simply taking it easy, a Caribbean cruise is a well-liked way to pursue all of these fun hobbies. If you’re looking to take the most widely used type of cruise, a Caribbean cruise can’t be beat.


It could seem odd that Alaska would rank like a top cruise destination, since it’s not well-known for being a big vacation state. However the fact remains that Alaskan cruises are simply breathtaking. Everyone loves to see the untouched wilderness and delightful scenery in Alaska. This isn’t a cruise for everybody, but people who want to set off the beaten path and have a truly memorable cruise will like spending time on a ship going to the beautiful state of Alaska.

Baja Mexico

Cruises to Baja are extremely popular, as they are easy to book for brief 3 to 5 day cruises, rather than longer trips. And the beautiful beaches of Baja simply can’t be beat. If you want to spend time in the sun, but don’t have enough time to take a week-plus cruise, a Baja Mexico cruise is the best getaway.

The Mediterranean

If a European cruise seems like a lot of fun to you, taking a cruise towards the beautiful and historic Mediterranean could be the kind of cruise that you will enjoy. There’s really nothing that compares using the majestic, timeless beauty of the med. You can enjoy historic sights, beautiful scenery plus some of the finest dining in the world on the fun Mediterranean cruise.


It’s difficult to find any popularity lists for vacations that don’t include Hawaii. The gorgeous islands that make up the state of Hawaii, are recognized for being the top travel place to go for people who love sunny weather. Going for a cruise is the most exciting, and relaxing method to see Hawaii in all its grandeur.

South Pacific/Australia & Nz

According to Info Barrel, New zealand and australia have become exotic hotspots. There is a point in time when there wasn’t much to complete in the ports of these countries, however some cruise lines have added pre- or post-cruise expeditions with a of the more exotic exploring locations. These areas will also be full of exotic native animals, for example kangaroos and iguanas. These opportunities are mainly only offered in Australia, while Nz is more of a shopping and relaxation port noted for its magnificent landscape. The 2 countries are usually offered together in a single cruise, so travelers may feel €the best of both worlds.€

Cayman Islands

Pristine and electrifying: the 2 words that JessieOnAJourney used to describe the Caymans. From proud cliffs spouting waterfalls to white beaches and underwater reefs, the Cayman Island area is €picture perfect.€ Based on Info Barrel, one of the biggest draws is underwater snorkeling and diving, as there are many shipwrecks nearby that divers can click on and there’s plenty of colorful tropical fish to determine in the crystal clear waters.


Based on Rhino Carhire, for many years this cruise has attracted visitors who wish to admire the Statue of Liberty because they pull into New York harbor. The trans-Atlantic cruise is a superb way to see many desired ports in Europe and eat the beautiful vistas along the Atlantic. For visitors who prefer a sunnier destination on their own cruise, there are many departure ports to select from, including Florida, which helps provide a contrast between the starting/end points.


The pink sands and turquoise waters of Bermuda are what get more and more visitors to this destination year-round. Based on tips from USA Today, the very best months to visit are June, July and August, whenever a majority of Bermuda’s itineraries are prepared to launch – tour operators offer snorkel, scuba, parasailing and sailboat tours, that travelers possess the widest selection of ships, home ports and itineraries throughout the peak season, when beaches have been in high demand. Not to mention the water temperature reaches a hot 85-degrees.

South America/The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are among the most popular cruise destinations. Consequently, it’s wise to book this cruise far ahead of time – years perhaps – should you seek a balcony view or more. Info Barrel reported that larger ships aren’t allowed to go to the islands given that they give off too much waste and may damage the rare diverse ecosystem. Merely a handful of cruise lines are even permitted to visit this unique destination.

Destination Tips for Bhutan Treks

Given the expense of Bhutan treks, it’s important for visitors to plan their itinerary carefully – they might not get a chance to return. Festivals, architecture, holy sites, bird-watching and varied cultures are all on offer, besides the picturesque mountains and valleys, ensuring that there’s a perfect trip for everyone. Here are four key destinations to keep in mind while planning a Bhutan trek.


This is a standard destination, but not one to dismiss lightly. From the streets lined with traditional architecture and walked by red-robed monks, to the medieval bridge and the Paro Dzong housing sacred masks and costumes, not to mention the breathtaking Taktsang Monastery perched on a Cliffside – Paro is a marvellous stop on Bhutan treks for visitors interested in architecture and town culture. In March or April there is an annual festival, the tsechu, where holy idols are taken in procession, traditional mask dances are performed and a large, important thangka (embroidered silk painting) is briefly unveiled for public viewing before the sun rises. Paro is one of those places that regularly appears on itineraries for a very good reason.


Translating as “beautiful field”, Bumthang comprises four valleys in the centre of Bhutan. Treks through the valleys give visitors the opportunity to walk through landscape that is both beautiful and holy. It is in this region that Pema Lingpa, a famous saint and siddha, dived with a butter lamp into Membartsho (Burning Lake) and retrieved a new sacred text. He had told onlookers that if he was a false spirit, his lamp would be extinguished. When he returned to the surface, it still burned brightly. Other historic events included plugging the subterranean lake below Konchogsum Lhakhang, where the stone plug can still be seen. Visitors interested in the religious traditions of Bhutan will be rewarded by a trek in Bhutan’s holiest valley.

Gangtey and the Black-Necked Cranes

Bhutan is the winter home of the rare black-necked cranes, an exquisite bird whose circling over the land is considered a blessing by the local people. Planning a Bhutan trek for around 11th November will allow visitors to witness the Black-Necked Crane Festival at Gangtey Monastery, a 16th century monastery that the birds have been wintering near for thousands of years. Children dressed as cranes perform choreographed dances and everyone watches the sky for landing birds. However, if you miss the festival, the birds can still be seen throughout winter, from the end of October until February, an essential sight for wildlife enthusiasts.

Eastern Bhutan

The country’s east has recently been re-opened to visitors, so now is a great time to visit this culturally distinct region of Bhutan. Treks here encompass the town of Tashigang and its hilltop dzong, then venture out into the countryside to take in villages and the beautiful scenery of the eastern Himalaya. This region used to be on an important trade route connecting Tibet to Assam in India and currently has the country’s densest population. Some of these are the semi-nomadic Brokpa people, yak and sheep herders, whose architecture, dress, language and customs are different to those found in the rest of Bhutan. For instance, both men and women wear a hat called a Gamashamo: flat and made of waterproof yak-hair felt, with five descending appendages that drain off the rain, keeping the face and hair dry. Anyone with an interest in minority cultures should seriously consider visiting this fascinating region.

Destination Weddings

Luggage tags: They’re best for destination weddings, as most vacation spot weddings call for the guests to travel to a specified place. They much more than likely will be applied once more – as quite a few persons merely use disposable tags or the tags that arrive pre-attached to baggage. With heart shape patterns, to planes and cruise ships, luggage tags are ideal!

Bookmarks: one of the most common pastimes for vacationers is reading through a beneficial book. Give them anything they can use both equally household and away – a bookmark! With numerous shapes on the market place you are convinced to find a bookmark that will match your event. Bookmarks are also lightweight, and journey perfectly.

For a a lot more formal vacation destination reception, place card holders also make a beneficial decision. Typically light-weight and modest, area card holders can double to maintain seating assignments and then later on on to hold pictures, notes and recipe cards. Keep away from location card frames although, except if the front is manufactured of pvc plastic. You do not want glass frames to break in transit.

Wine charms or bottle stoppers. With an regular bodyweight of one/4 pound or less and readily available in several types – these make a light-weight, excellent alternative if your possessing a compact affair.

Cocktail Combine Favors: when you consider of laying on a warm sandy seaside, many men and women also think of a nice tropical consume in hand. Give your guests a style of the tropics with a cocktail mix favor in which they can loosen up and like at residence. Absolutely customizable these are lightweight, unbreakable and economical!

Journey associated things: such as mini alarm clocks, manicure kits, mini journey soaps, or sewing kits.

Imagine outside the box: store get together stores as perfectly, for unique get together favor objects. For a seashore theme wedding ceremony you can give a tropical luau bag filled with leis, sunglasses,beach hats, inflatable beach balls, etc… Assume again to when you ended up a baby and acquired goodie bags at birthday events. Probably a bit foolish, but I assure absolutely everyone will be sporting individuals seashore hats and carrying many bags all over your vacation destination resort.

Wedding Tees: A display-printing store can create a custom made tee shirt style and design just for you! Reasonably priced when you are possessing a scaled-down affair, everyone will use your tee shirts, time and time again, even if it is “just all-around the house”. Persons enjoy shirts!

Gift bags / Present Baskets: when your guests arrive to their location, a charming (but occasionally highly-priced) alternative is possessing a little present basket in their hotel place. Soaps, sewing kit, manicure kit, mini clock, bookmarks, a smaller bottle of champagne or wine, non-perishable food goods (cookies, crackers, snacks, mints), and so on…will be a generous gesture.

For our unique wedding, we utilized a combination of the tips previously mentioned. I purchased from a discount party organization tropical seashore concept bags and stuffed them with a personalized tee shirt, cocktail mixes, wine stoppers, candy, a customized cd I designed with all the wedding songs we had at our reception, and some entertaining goodies these as leis, glow sticks, Hawaiian shirt important chains. Everyone carried all over the tote bags with them while in our cruise when they walked to the seashore or pool, and everyone cherished their minimal goodie bags!